The people behind

These are the people who are directly working on the project. This list is incomplete. Additional group/names will be added from time-to-time.

GTZ Consultants

  1. Juergen Marx – Project Head
  2. Heinz Pomplun – Project Consultant
  3. Richard Wagner – Consultant; author system specifications
  4. Peter Wilde – Deutsche Telekom; project viability studies
  5. Dr Klaus Pertz – financial viability studies

Board of Directors

Chairman : Ceferino D. Chan
Vice-Chairman : Julio Vivares
Secretary : Leo S. Wong
Treasurer : Nelson S. Dychauco
Members : Consejo Paderanga, Renato Redera, Pablo Timajo

Provincial Government

Hon. Antonio Gallardo – Provincial governor

Hon. Frank Calingin – Vice-governor

Hon. Junar Marbella – Board member

Hon. Lester Bollozos – Board member

Hon. Emmanuel Bitas – Board member

Management and Employees

Manager : Genciano C. Dagondon (Operations setup; Billing System; Site negotiation)
Accountant : Marietta Boborol
Accounting Clerk : Margeline Bollozos/Mila R. Ignalig
Cashier : Jinky Ebarle
Clerk : Dinah S. Gamali
Judy Paderanga
Technicians : Primo S. Arado/Emmanuel Dablo
Lineman : Alberto Dagondon/Nolecio Malig-on
Property Custodian : Alberto Sacote
Messenger : Jaime Laguitao

Alcatel SEL 1842 Project Office

  1. Gabriel Pimentel – Country Manager
  2. Roland Wurth – Sales
  3. Michael Leirer – Project Manager
  4. Sigfried Dorflinger – Outside Plant
  5. Ben Nalo – Transmission Manager
  6. Kier Obiar – Site Project Leader
  7. Lucas Smouts – Technical Assistance Center (Switching)
  8. Jojo Joson – Switching Engr; installation
  9. Ricsson Javellana – Transmission Engr
  10. Mike Muñoz – Switching Engr & Billing System
  11. Jun de la Cruz – Billing
  12. Karlsten Franz – Switching Engr; commissioning
  13. Frank Robe – Switching Engr; installation
  14. Alan Hope – Switching Engr; site survey
  15. Motuk Patel – Switching Engr, S12 software upgrade
  16. Sante – Transmission; radio installation
  17. Buddy – Outside Line Plant; installation
  18. Egay Nalo – Draftsman
  19. Bert Dagondon – Driver


  1. Rene Gendrano – AVP, Interconnection Agreement
  2. Conrado Aguilar – TelCo Relations
  3. Renato Asanza – TelCo Relations
  4. Joe Non – TelCo Relations


2 Responses to The people behind

  1. Bienvenido G. Nalo says:

    I’m now retired and now living in

    57 Municipal Rd. Bgy. Pilapila
    Binangonan, Rizal

  2. Nandy says:

    Ben Nalo is the Transmission Manager who signs the final approval of all radio equipments including towers. I’ll cite one remarkable decision he made – final location of the Mantigue Tower. The proposed location is – fronting towards mainland Camiguin. After ocular inspection at Magting, he decided to move it at the opposite side of Mantigue.

    If anyone could visit Mantigue, you can see Mambajao tower at the final site. But at the side facing Camiguin, the same is obstructed. Just a matter of few meters between success and failure!

    Nice to hear from Engr Ben Nalo, one of pioneer ECEs. His license number is just 2 digits!

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