Project Definition Team Workshop

Project Definition Team
Taken in November 19-24,1990 during the ZOPP-3 Project Definition Workshop at Tia’s Beach Resort. Participating groups were GTZ, CAMTECO, Camiguin Provincial Government, DOTC, TELOF and PLDT. Workshop facilitators: SBS Consultants.

Front (L-R): Hans Hanusch (GTZ), Renato Redera, Lourdes Rendon(SBS), Bagets Chan,Beatriz Abener (SBS), Josephine Sanchez (SBS),Heinz Pomplun (GTZ), Sammy Sabinecio (SBS)
Back(L-R): Leo S. Wong, Sonny Dychauco, Pabling Timajo, Gov. Nieto Gallardo, Juergen Marx (GTZ), see Note,Joe Non (PLDT), Julio Vivares

Note: The two participants could be: Philip A. Varilla (DOTC), Rolando P. Cabaluna (TELOF), or Aurellano V. Vicerra (TELOF).

Source: Leo S. Wong


2 Responses to Project Definition Team Workshop

  1. lando says:

    next to juergen marx is Aurellano V. Vicerra, Philip A. Varilla, Rolando P. Cabaluna and Julio Vivares

  2. hellocamiguin says:

    hi lando,

    thanks for the info.


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