About the author

Genciano “Nandy” Dagondon is the first manager of Camiguin Telephone Cooperative. During the pre-operation phase, he was hired by GTZ (now GIZ), the German government agency charged in the implementation of projects,  as a Local Project Coordinator from 1992 to 1994 (the start of telephone network operation).  This GTZ position is usually filled by a German telecom expert. He worked closely with GTZ consultants based in GTZ headquarters.

During his term until 1998,  aside from managing the operation, these are some of his contribution to the project:

  • Right-of-way negotiations for the towers and telephone posts
  • Developed a module of the billing software
  • Established dial-up Internet connection with The E-mail Company with the PH ccTLD (country code top-level domain) administrator Joel Disini
  • Setup an email server in 1985
  • Planning of the first network expansion in 1986 (upgrading of Alcatel-SEL (now Alcatel-Lucent) S12 digital telephone exchange, additional latter-generation of TDMA system and the expansion of OLP [outside line plant aka cables])
  • Setup the office LAN

Prior to the Camiguin Project, he was mainly in semiconductor manufacturing. After taking the ECE board examination in 1981, he was hired as a Training Specialist in Fairchild Semiconductors (HK), Ltd. in Mactan Export Processing Zone, Lapulapu City. Subjects he handled include DC/AC Electronics, Semiconductors, Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors and Operational Amplifiers.  After the training program, he was assigned to various positions:

  • Calibration Lab
  • Manufacturing Engineering – involves automation of production equipment
  • Process Engineering – assembly of products
  • Test and Finish Engineer – testing and packaging of finished products

With his (first) experience in training, he conducted training lectures to new engineers and technicians in instrumentation and process control, digital electronics and operational amplifiers to support the continuing education program.

His interest in software started during the Microprocessors module in the training program. He applied assembly language in Manufacturing Engineering projects.  He got hooked in Unix operating system through a subscription of EDN, a magazine of electronic designers. He finally had a chance to install SCO Xenix386 for the computerization program of Cebu City Civil Registrar’s Office in 1989.  In his spare time, throughout his telecom career, he kept on tinkering with networking and Linux.

After CAMTECO, he was hired by Islacom as Transport Network (exchanges and transmission)  Manager of Islacom’s fixed-line telephone network covering the Visayas region.  After 1 year of service, Islacom was bought by Ayala and merged into  Globe @Tattoo Landlines.

After his corporate career, foreseeing the emergence of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), he picked up telephony applications based on Linux, a Unix-like system,  like Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. Unix/Linux had become his lifetime passion. Currently, he is offering the following services and products:

  • Consultancy on Telecom/Datacomm/VoIP
  • IP-PABX design/integration/maintenance
  • Linux servers – file server, backup server
  • MagicBox SIP-in-a-Box (www.magicbox.ph)
  • MagicBox Office Communication Server – office PABX and carrier-grade softswitch

He finished Electronics and Communications Engineering at Don Bosco Technical College (Mandaluyong City, Philippines) in 1981 and passed the board examination given the same year.

His free time interests include tinkering with audio hi-fi systems, listening to wide variety of music (jazz to classical) and flight simulation. He still plays vinyl LPs.

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