About the Project

Camiguin, an island province of the Philippines, is the recipient of Phil-German Rural Telecommunication Project. Major objectives of the pilot project were:

  • to prove the viability of a modern telephone network in a rural area
  • to measure the socio-economic effect of the telephone network

The project was implemented by GTZ, an agency of the German government that includes:

  • establishment of network requirements & specifications
  • procurement and installation of the telephone system
  • training of management and personnel
  • socio-economic baseline studies

For the Philippine counterpart,  a cooperative was formed – the Camiguin Telephone Cooperative (CAMTECO) which provide the installation sites and the operational capital. The Provincial Government, under the administration of Gov. Antonio Gallardo, provided the franchise and the site for the local exchange.

The network started operation on February 12, 1994.  The heart of the system is a full-digital Alcatel S12 exchange. After 2 years of operation, CAMTECO was able to expand the network (including the upgrade of the S12 exchange).



2 Responses to About the Project

  1. Kat says:

    Thank you for doing putting this togeter, whoever you are…its truly about time! My mom just purchased a laptop after many years of coaching her to get online! She is now live and on the internet! We live far and as the we are all spread out…its nice to be able to communicate and keep in touch…we can now communicate with her via email and she knows how to text as well!! Its great to know that Camiguin is on the internet! Love it and have been making some blog of my own to promote Philippines and its culture. Would love to add you as a link. Thanks for sharing…I hope to visit my Mom soon!

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