A Much Better Investment than CableTV

Stay in focus. This is one key to succeed in business. I think CAMTECO ignored this wisdom by entering into cable tv business – directly competing with Island Cable.  Opposition to CAMTECO’s application with NTC is expected. To date, CAMTECO were granted the permit to operate in Guinsiliban only.  Catarman and Sagay remains contested between the two proponents at NTC.  Frequent expensive travels to attend hearings in Manila and expensive legal fees are too much for an ailing coop.

Think global. Instead of competing head-on with the existing operator, why not expand CAMTECO’s horizon? Why not go global on voice communication? Although there’s Skype, Viber, Facebook, etc. there are people who still prefer a simple telephone – just make it almost free.  With Internet technology this scenario is possible. Now read  this line slowly:

Camiguingnons abroad can become a CAMTECO subscriber. What does it mean? Those who are abroad can make local calls to CAMTECO subscribers and vice-versa.

What’s needed abroad?

  1. Internet connection which everybody has
  2. An ordinary telephone
  3. An analog telephone adaptor (ATA) which can be bought online
  4. Coop membership

Just add a Telephone Adapter and an ordinary Analog Phone

The setup is very simple as shown here.

What are the recurring cost?

  1. CAMTECO monthly subscription
  2. Reduced per-minute call like 10-25 centavos per minute

If you’re from Camiguin, do you like this service?

If you’re a CAMTECO coop member,  which will bring more revenue to the ailing coop? From a few towns or worldwide?  Very obvious. But the big question is – will officers and management consider this avenue?

About hellocamiguin

Pioneer of the Camiguin Telephone Network
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