Proposed Joint Project – Local GSM Mobile Network

Here’s a project that provide the following services and regain CAMTECO’s lost revenue due to cellphones and the Internet:

Mobile Phones

  1. Wireless landline – mobile landline that can be carried around Camiguin (similar to PLDT Landline+),  just a local call to/from regular landline
  2. Wireless Internet – Internet connection to homes and cellphones

How this project adds more  revenue to CAMTECO?

  1. Additional per-minute charge (traffic) between regular landline and wireless landline
  2. By making wireless landline affordable to the public,  it means more additional subscribers. More subscribers means more calls (traffic) which results to more  revenue.
  3. Quick activation of service – all it takes is an ordinary cellphone plus a CAMTECO SIM
  4. Text messaging among CAMTECO cellphone users. The key – CAMTECO must offer very low SMS rates compared to Globe, Smart and Sun  like 0.25 per regular text message or 1 week unlimited text for only P5.00.  It needs marketing strategy.
  5. Wireless can serve areas unreacheable or too costly to install via cable like Itum. There are many potential subscribers there who can afford to pay for the phone and Internet services like OFW homes, retirees and foreigners.
  6. Eastern Misamis Oriental where CAMTECO has a franchise (from Balingasag eastward) can be served. Thousands more voice and text message subscribers.

With the latest in radio technology, the cost of putting up a cellsite dropped to only 10% than 10 years ago.  It is now within the reach of CAMTECOs finances to put up a cellphone network.

Finally, add VoIP (aka Internet telephony).  With this technology it’s possible that CAMTECO phone service can be extended anywhere in the world via Internet! For example, a Camiguingnon in London can place a local call to Camiguin.  This kind of service is exactly the same offered by Vonage USA.

With these future services and technologies in place, CAMTECO will regain back portion of the lost revenue stream to cellphones and dramatically increase revenue by multiplying subscriber base (quick and cheap) with more services.

By the way, the author submitted a  formal proposal to CAMTECO (Camiguin Telephone Cooperative) for a joint project. If this system works, CAMTECO can offer this system to private telephone operators all over the Philippines.

Please share this opportunity to any CAMTECO member. They’ll be benefited from better services and more dividends and patronage refund.


About hellocamiguin

Pioneer of the Camiguin Telephone Network
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