PSTN Access Number – a kept secret in Internet telephony

Dear fellow Filipinos worldwide,

I’m sure you are using  SkypeViber, etc. to call your family here in the Philippines.  But …

Don’t you know that you can call them from landline or cellphone in 37 countries? Well … not to any telephone in the Philippines. But to keep in touch with your family, this is perfect. This is one of the best kept secret in Internet telephony (aka VoIP) – totally unknown to almost all Filipinos abroad. Want to know?” 

Answer: Local PSTN Access Numbers

What is PSTN Access Number?

Without going into technical details, it is simply a phone number in London, New York, Auckland (NZ) or Oslo with these major differences:

  1. it’s not locally connected to a telephone set but to a computerized system (like an office phone system)
  2. when you dial that number (the Access Number), you will be greeted with an automated message asking you to dial another number
  3. by dialing this 2nd number, it will ring a telephone set in the Philippines (or anywhere in the world)

There are 200+ Access Numbers in 37 countries.  Select the one local to you or covered in your cellphone monthly minutes. Write it down – it will be one of your Frequently Called Numbers.  Important! Numbers are listed in international format – country code and area code are included. The last number is the local phone number.


The 2nd number you have to dial is called the SIP-Number.  It gives the Access Number system instruction where to connect your call via Internet.  The pattern is – *462 + 1-777-xxx-xxxx + #.

Important! You must dial the star (*) key and end with pound (#) key to make it work.

Proof? Make a test call.

Explaining how it works is very technical. To simplify things, why not make a test call. I have this SIP-Number *462 + 1-777-293-0540 + #. It’s connected here in Cebu City, Philippines.   If you’re doubting, I can let you listen to a local radio broadcast or give you my landline number.

It’s a free call if it’s free from your end to dial the Access Number.  If there’s no available local Access Number, there’s another solution – DID (Direct Inward Dialing). 

Time to duplicate

If you like this solution,  the setup can be duplicated at your home:

  • the same Access Number
  • your own SIP-Number

Visit MagicBox.PH. They can provide the solution.

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