Backdoor dialing

Backdoor dialing is one method to establish free calls to  Internet phones using regular phones (landlines or mobile phones). It is a two-step process:

  1. Dial the nearest access number (can be in New York, London, Sydney,etc)  –  the list of numbers is usually posted on the provider’s website
  2. When the call is answered, dial the Internet phone number.

When the dialing is complete, the Internet phone rings regardless of it’s location (e.g. Philippines)  as long as it’s connected online to the Internet.  My Internet phone is a stand-alone unit. I just leave it on during my waking hours. The setup works just like an ordinary phone.

Re cost. It’s free call when the access number is just a local call. However, in Europe, their local call is metered so that’s the only cost to the caller. Even if the caller is in Middle East countries.  They can save by dialing the US access number vs.  dialing direct to the Philippines.

My foreign callers (relatives/friends) find this very convenient because they can call me anytime, anywhere e.g. at home, work or mobiling. Although voice/video chat is also free, it’s only done at home – after office hours.

As you can see, this setup is no brainer  – even kids and old folks can use it. This setup is ideal to connect old folks and family back home and save a lot of money, too!


About hellocamiguin

Pioneer of the Camiguin Telephone Network
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