Free call to the Philippines using landline

My relatives and friends abroad are now calling me using their regular phone for free! Even though it only cost them $0.16 per minute to call Philippines via regular phone, it’s a big savings for an hour talk especially now that the gasoline is very expensive in the USA/Canada and the rest of the world.

We’ll before the local telcos start sniffing around to check if I’m a hacker. No. My callers are using landline but it rings to my stand-alone Internet Phone. It consumes only 5 watts. I can leave it on for 24-hours but I turn it off when I go to bed. Anyway, it has a voicemail. I can always retrieve missed calls in the morning. Bottom line … it’s legal.

For Camiguin Internet (DSL or wifi) subscribers, we can support to setup your SIP IP phone. I will demo my setup to some friends and I will bring some IP phone hardwares, too. It will be between last week of April and 2nd week of May.

Finally, SIP phone is perfect for OFWs.

Setting up an Internet phone is no trivial matter. To make things easier for mere mortals, get pre-configured units like MagicBox.PH. It’s a cheaper option than Vonage.

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7 Responses to Free call to the Philippines using landline

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  2. Kat says:

    We have similar set up here – but calling the Philippines still cost a few cents but in the end…email and texting is what I use to communicate to family. But would love to get an idea of how to make calls for free… 🙂

  3. hellocamiguin says:

    Hello Kath,

    it only involves inserting an adaptor between your laptop and the Internet modem; and an ordinary analog phone. you can find additional info at my blog and

  4. Velvet says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading thru this site and haven’t seen any post about sms / texting. I’d be visiting Camiguin this December and I need to know if Smart mobile phone has a signal. I’ve been reading about Smart Bro and other internet connections but I need to be sure on mobile phone signals as well. It’s good to know I can call my family in Manila if ever needed, when I get there. Thanks!

    Please reply thru my blog or preferably thru email.. thanks!

  5. hellocamiguin says:

    Hi Velvet

    Don’t worry. Camiguin is well covered w/ mobile phone service. If there’s Wi-fi service, there’s always a GSM network coverage.

    The reason you didn’t find anything about SMS/texting because CAMTECO just sticked to wireline services. They didn’t catch the vision of putting up their own GSM network!

  6. velvet says:

    thank you for this info! and for your mail.. you are so kind.. i would definitely contact your friend. 8) im pretty sure we will have a great time there! 8)

    tnx again..

  7. i would love to see a massive price drop on internet phones coz i like to buy lots of em `*”

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