PLDT expands their domestic fiber-optic network capacity

Manila Bulletin posted that PLDT’s domestic fiber optic network to reach terabit capacity by year-end. Terabit is a measurement of volume of digital information. Each DVD disk contain 4 gigabytes. In my rough calculation, PLDT fiber network can transfer 31 DVDs per second!  Why?  “To support our economy which has become to be more and more dependent on the power of the Internet ….”.

See … PLDT is now preparing for the increasing demand of Internet vs voice by expanding their Wi-fi/3G wireless broadband connection. I think part of their capacity expansion is to support the Landline Plus service nationwide, too,  which I feel will kill the small LECs (Local Exchange Carriers).  And I suspect that the Landline Plus service is just an interim service to help finance future expansions because it cannot carry broadband connection. The subscribers will have to get a broadband connection because it also carries voice (VoIP). Once the subscribers upgrade to wireless broadband, they can just throw the Landline Plus units away.

For the international connection, “PLDT would also be complementing the DSL capacity by doubling its Internet Gateway to 50 Terabits per second capacity “.  Gateway is the international fiber-optic link crossing the oceans to major points like USA, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

With this huge capacity, it’s very near that Smart/PLDT will offer voice, Internet and cable TV with hundreds of channels in one package.


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