CAMTECO 14th Anniversary

February 12, 1994, exactly 14 years ago, was the inauguration of Camiguin Telephone Cooperative (Phil-German Rural Telephone Project). It was also the start of commercial operation of the network. Everybody was excited and busy since it was the culmination of years of preparations since 1990.

Just a few months before the inauguration, Alcatel was busy in the installation of the system – setting up the switch, radios, towers, solar panels, training CAMTECO personnel and wiring the subscriber lines. The time constraint was the curing time of the tower foundation. The Christmas vacation in 1993 gave the project a slack time to finish for the inauguration.

Camiguin was in a state of euphoria. Everybody was busy calling their friends and relatives all over the country and the world! Heinz Pomplun said “Today everybody is excited. Tomorrow it will be a thing of the past. The telephone will just be an ordinary thing.”

Although the excitement is gone, let us not forget to thank the Republic of Germany for donating us a modern telephone system. For the younger generation, ask the elders how’s life in Camiguin without the telephone. Then, you will know the value of the gift we have.

Million Dank unserer deutschen Freunde!

Happy anniversary!


About hellocamiguin

Pioneer of the Camiguin Telephone Network
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