Can CAMTECO keep up the competition with Philcom-PLDT?

To the skeptics – for sure it will die its natural death. Having been in the beginning of the project, here’s some of my inputs how can CAMTECO survive. First, the fiber-optic network rolled by PLDT around the island is necessary because the PLDT/Smart radio network can no longer provide additional bandwidth in Camiguin. Even Smart Wifi subscribers are complaining. The fiber-optic network is the solution to the bandwidth limitation of the island. Sure, this is important to the Philcom-PLDT Fiber-to-Home rollout, but CAMTECO and Island Cable TV will be benefited with this fiber-network, too.

Can CAMTECO provide the quality same with PLDT? This is one of the concerns raised at the PLDT/Smart-PAPTELCO Meeting in Davao City last May 18. CAMTECO is asking for technical support to design CAMTECO’s data infrastructure.  PLDT/Smart assured they will look into this matter.  This is necessary to support PLDT/Smart Product proposed to PAPTELCO – Wifi Access Points and Content Service (IPTV, iflix, Netflix, etc).

Now, for voice services,  3 very important projects for CAMTECO to pursue are:

  1. make Local Interconnection with Philcom-PLDT
  2. engage PLDT/Smart’s Branded SIM as an immediate solution
  3. put up CAMTECO Local Cellphone network as a long-term solution

CAMTECO, by law, has the permit to charge on local calls.  CAMTECO can offer 50/50 sharing with Philcom for local calls. Why? Without local inter-connection, it will be long-distance to from one network to another.  When a subscriber has 2 phones, they will be forced to give up CAMTECO . With minimal charge of P200 and the ownership of the system as a coop member, subscriber may keep CAMTECO line.

With CAMTECO’s capability to provide mobile calls to landline (using PLDT/Smart Branded SIM or in the future CAMTECO SIM), Philcom-PLDT subscribers might end up getting PLDT/Smart Branded SIM (not available to Philcom-PLDT subscribers) or in the future CAMTECO SIM.

People doesn’t know that PLDT/Globe spent very huge amount lobbying in the early 1990s to have Local Metering – but was rejected.  Small telephone operators without Local Metering were easily swallowed by the giants.  Without local metering, Operators have to charge P700 minimum per month. CAMTECO can survive with only P200 minimum.  To those who can appreciate financial assets, Local Metering is the #1 financial asset of CAMTECO.  Bankers can easily spot this.

All of these is possible only when the Board of Directors headed by the new Chairperson former PAO Prosecutor Alma Concepcion Parreño will have the vision and fortitude to bring CAMTECO to recovery.



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PLDT/Smart-PAPTELCO Partnership Product – Branded SIM

We attended a meeting among PAPTELCO Mindanao Operators with PLDT/Smart Carrier Business group headed by Ms. Edith G. Gomez (AVP – Carrier Business), Mr. Bernie Domasing (Mgr – Carrier Business) and Mr. Randee Palasigue (Account Associate). PLDT/Smart presented to PAPTELCO several products: Content Service, Branded SIM, (Wifi) Access Points and Paymaya. I will just focus on one product – Branded SIM.

Branded SIM is a Smart prepaid SIM with this special feature cellphone users can call up to 5 enrolled CAMTECO landline numbers anywhere in Camiguin.  PLDT/Smart also assured that Emergency Numbers e.g. Fire can be dialed from the cellphone.  Ms. Gomez also assured that this service will not be available to Philcom-PLDT subscribers.

With CAMTECO planning to put up its own local mobile network, this is a good product to cushion the competition from Philcom-PLDT rollout in Camiguin.

If the Board of Directors catch the vision, there’s hope for CAMTECO to bounce back.

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General Assembly Meeting Announcement

This is the text of the announcement over the Public Address system going around the island.  Read Recoreda Rev B especially the last part.

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Attend in the General Assembly Meeting to stabilize CAMTECO’s organization

The major change in CAMTECO’s organization is the creation of several committees that will focus on all aspects of the only telephone cooperative in the country. The present organization is patterned after a simple consumer cooperative. The coop should be organized like PLDT or Globe.  See the Proposed  Committees – Tasks and Responsibilities.

The director’s position require special knowledge like Asset Management, Revenue Sharing, Technical Assets, etc. The next major change is requiring those who want to run for position as director must undergo series of trainings and seminars.

The General Assembly meeting will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018 starting at 1:00 p.m. at the Provincial Convention Center.  Encourage CAMTECO members to attend.

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CAMTECO can and will recover

A pronouncement was made in public that “CAMTECO will die its natural death”.  It’s true it’s financially sinking but it’s not totally bankrupt. CAMTECO still has technical assets like towers around the island, cables and poles. The Board with a new management tapped an experienced Telecom Consultant to setup the Engineering and Development division tasked to improve its present services and to develop new technologies. One of his recommendation is to setup a LOCAL CELLPHONE NETWORK around Camiguin. The SIM is CAMTECO, the cellphone number is 387xxx, it’s a local call to call CAMTECO landline to CAMTECO cellphone (and vice-versa). With towers already in place around the island, deadspots (from giant cellphone operators) will be covered – even Itum and Mt Hibok-hibok will eventually have a phone service.

There is P20-M worth of shares-of-stocks on sale to finance its recover, upgrading of the present system and for the setup of the cellphone network.  If you can’t buy PLDT shares? Why not investigate if there’s a  potential with CAMTECO? Call the office. Read the Consultants Report for more details of the plan.

The 2018 Annual General Assembly meeting will be held at the Provincial Convention Center, Capitol Hills, Pandan, Mambajao, Camiguin on April 14, 2018 at 1-5 p.m.  Be there and encourage other members to attend.

With both technical and intellectual assets of CAMTECO, will it die a natural death? Only the people who lack vision will say so. But to the words of King Solomon “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Prov 29:18)

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Recovery Plan

I have presented a Recovery Plan to the General Assembly.  Those who wish to get a copy,  just place your request here. If you have a Facebook account, just send me a private message (PM).

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Camiguin Telephone Directory

Telephone directory is now online. Use the Search feature to locate name, places and phone numbers. It show partial character search. The website:

Feel free to share this link and to comment here.

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Urgent! Wakeup letter for CAMTECO Members

The General Assembly meeting is reset to May 7, 2017.  Many members no longer care to attend the meeting because of discouragement.  I have a letter to the members to reveal something that should have been known when CAMTECO started. The pages 2-3 is critical. It involve HUGE amount of asset. It will surely move them to action. If you care about them, it will really help much if you can share this letter with them.

To give you the highlights of my letter …

  • Update on the restoration of Tupsan area.  I installed a new system with zero investment on the part of CAMTECO: no downpayment, no payment if it doesn’t work, staggered payment from the revenue of Tupsan for 18 months.  The new system works and ready for the restoration of Guinsiliban, Sagay and Lawigan (120+ lines).
  • A revelation most members do not know – that their membership is worth at least P125,000 when the project started in 1994.
  • CAMTECO can enter into cellphone service in Camiguin and Misamis Oriental (Balingasag to Magsaysay) using the same system installed for Tupsan.  We can develop and setup the cellphone system by ourselves.
  • Recommended changes that should be ratified (pass into motion and duly seconded) in the General Assembly to include:
    1. Re-organization of the Board and Management that include giving specific assignments to directors by creation of various committees – for example, New Projects and Planning to handle the development of the cellphone system;  Marketing and Sales to study the reduction of phone rates to be competitive;  Operations to focus on restoring availability of service 99.999% (only 5 minutes downtime in one year); Human Resources which include conducting seminars about telecommunication.
    2. Acceptance of new class of members that allow business owners, banks (Land Bank, PNB, etc. so that there will be fresh bodies young and energetic that can do the above tasks
    3. The par value of the coop shares must adjusted to reflect the true financial health of the coop. For example – when CAMTECO invested P4-M (the net revenue in 1994 and 1995) to expand the network in 1996, the P4-M should have been distributed among coop shares. Do the math for 400 members (x 5 shares each = 2,000 total shares). The par value should have been appreciated from P800 to P2,800!!!

Every member should have known the last one. CAMTECO has a very bright future – but it needs action and participation from every member. When properly run, CAMTECO members is like owning stocks in PLDT!

So, download this ready-to-print file. Read it even the first 3 pages only. After reading, if you believe CAMTECO can rise again, then make hard copies and share it to at least 2 members who do not have access to this blog. Just click this link to read/download.


Nandy Dagondon

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A Much Better Investment than CableTV

Stay in focus. This is one key to succeed in business. I think CAMTECO ignored this wisdom by entering into cable tv business – directly competing with Island Cable.  Opposition to CAMTECO’s application with NTC is expected. To date, CAMTECO were granted the permit to operate in Guinsiliban only.  Catarman and Sagay remains contested between the two proponents at NTC.  Frequent expensive travels to attend hearings in Manila and expensive legal fees are too much for an ailing coop.

Think global. Instead of competing head-on with the existing operator, why not expand CAMTECO’s horizon? Why not go global on voice communication? Although there’s Skype, Viber, Facebook, etc. there are people who still prefer a simple telephone – just make it almost free.  With Internet technology this scenario is possible. Now read  this line slowly:

Camiguingnons abroad can become a CAMTECO subscriber. What does it mean? Those who are abroad can make local calls to CAMTECO subscribers and vice-versa.

What’s needed abroad?

  1. Internet connection which everybody has
  2. An ordinary telephone
  3. An analog telephone adaptor (ATA) which can be bought online
  4. Coop membership

Just add a Telephone Adapter and an ordinary Analog Phone

The setup is very simple as shown here.

What are the recurring cost?

  1. CAMTECO monthly subscription
  2. Reduced per-minute call like 10-25 centavos per minute

If you’re from Camiguin, do you like this service?

If you’re a CAMTECO coop member,  which will bring more revenue to the ailing coop? From a few towns or worldwide?  Very obvious. But the big question is – will officers and management consider this avenue?

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Chain letter para sa CAMTECO members

Kuguita, Mambajao, Camiguin
Mayo 19, 2015

Sa akong mga kauban nga miyembro sa CAMTECO,

Maayong adlaw kaninyo. Ako si Nandy Dagondon. Sa mga bag-ong miyembro, kining inyong kauban maoy unang Manager sa CAMTECO gikan sa 1992 (sa nag-operate pa kita ug PCO sa kilid sa daan nga Kapitolyo atbang sa simbahan) hangtod sa Octobre 1998.

Sa akong pag-uli, karon lang bulana, daghan ako’g komentaryo nadunggan sa atong kooperatiba:

  1. Akong paryente nga CPA nag-ingon “bankrupt” na ang CAMTECO basin sa Financial Statement
  2. Akong ig-agaw sa Tupsan nag-reklamo Mayo 5 pa wala na sila’y dialtone (apil pud diay ang Catarman). I-surrender daw nila ilang linya ug bawi-on nila ilang P4,000.
  3. Ako mismo naka-kita sa PLDT installation team atbang sa hospital. Dugang inpormasyon akong nabati – i-network (ang mga computers) sa upat ka LGU offices – Kapitolyo, Munisipyo, CPSC ug Hospital

Dako kaayo ang kita nga mawala sa CAMTECO sa pag-sulod sa PLDT. Ang hospital ra ba, advance kaayo ang ilang telephone system – pwede ma-local extension ang Kapitolyo, Munisipyo ug CPSC. Kaya sa hospital phone system, bisan pa’g 1,000 ka extension phones, kaya. Andam pud ang hospital engkaso mawala ang CAMTECO. Sulayi pag-tawag ninyo kini nga mga numero, di ba pareho ang inyong madunggan: 387-1216, 0949-482-5575 (Smart) o 0906-366-2444 (Globe TM).

Niadtong Octobre 1998, pag-aprobar sa BOD sa akong resignation, si Mr Heinz Pomplun niingon “Watch the downfall of CAMTECO”. Daghan ang nakabati sa iyang guipa-mulong sa RJ Restaurant. Mora’g niabot na ang guipa-nagna ni Mr. Pomplun. Isa-isahon nako pag-tuki ang mga huhungihon nga akong nabati.

Kadtong nag-ingon nga i-surrender nila ilang membership, akong ika-sulti dili kita mag-dali-dali. Nag-ingon si Haring Solomon “ayaw pag-desisyon sa imong kasuko o sa sobrang kalipay ba”. Nia’y dagha’ng inpormasyon akong ihatag kaninyo para atong timbang-timbangon.

Atong unahon kining huhungihong nga “paliton sa PLDT ang CAMTECO”. Naa’y probisyon sa deed of donation tali sa gobyerno sa Germany ngadto sa gobyerno sa Pilipinas nga “dili mabaligya sa CAMTECO ang system o ekipos” – mga ekipos nga nag-hatag ug dialtone.
Kun dili gayod mapugngan nga mag-stop operation ang CAMTECO, ang national government maoy mag-dumala sa ekipos (siguro ubos sa DOTC).

Isa lang ka ahensiya sa gobyerno nga maka-operate sa CAMTECO nga menos gastos – ang provincial government ra. Makapasaka ug resolution ang SP ngadto sa DOTC pag-gamit sa mga ekipos, hayan tugotan kini sa DOTC kay dili na man ma-ibot ang mga tower, mga poste ug mga kable (sa akong bana-bana dili mo-menos 40% sa balor sa network). Kung uli-an kita sa probinsiya sa atong P4,000 o P8,000 nga fixed deposit, ma-dissolve ang CAMTECO – membership ug BOD. Ang mga empleyado mawad-an sad ug trabaho. Ang SP na ang mag-resolusyon pila ang monthly fee, long-distance fee, etc.  mapareho sa MISORTEL.

Kun dili ninyo kini gusto nga mahitabo? Akong ipa-dayon ang uban nga option o solusyon.

#2 mag-LOAN. Pero kun mag-loan lang kita para lang molugway ang operation (ex. dili maputlan sa PLDT), sama lang kini nga gui-dialysis ang CAMTECO. Kadugayan, mamatay lang guihapon.
PERO kun mag-LOAN kita para pag-finance sa mga BAG-O nga serbisyo o teknolohiya sama sa:

  1. Portable (wireless) landline (sama sa PLDT Landline Plus) – pwede nga madala-dala ang telepono (cellphone unit) sa isla. Pwede matawagan ug landline (local call lang), NDD ug IDD. Magamit sad pag-tawag ug landline, NDD ug overseas nag-agad lang sa plan ug sa “remaining balance” kun pre-paid. Pwede mag-text message.
  2. Ang sestima sa wireless landline, magamit sad sa wireless Internet. Pwede nang mahatagan ug koneksyon kadtong naa’s kabukiran (daghan ra bang foreigner)
  3. VoIP – pwede kadtong taga-Camiguin naa’s abroad (UK, USA, NZ, etc) ma-local subscriber sa CAMTECO. LOCAL CALL abroad-to-CAMTECO o CAMTECO-to-abroad. Magbayad pud sila ug monthly sa CAMTECO.

Maka-dugang kini’ng tanan sa income sa CAMTECO bisan pa’g mag-bayad kita ug interes sa loan. Kini, tipik lang unsay mahimo sa bag-ong teknolohiya ug serbisyo para maka-bangon ang CAMTECO. Pero … para sa hapsay nga pag-implementar niini nga mga proyekto, akong i-say-say akong eksperyensa sa Islacom.

Ang akong gui-huptan sa Islacom, OPERATIONS lang, sa entiro Bisayas. Kun naa’y mga bag-o nga service area, towers, relay o teknolohiya nga itukod, naa’y ENGINEERING division. Dawaton lang sa OPERATIONS kun mo-pasar ang guipa-installar sa ENGINEERING. Entonsis, ako’ng ika-rekomendar sa CAMTECO nga naa’y committee para sa “New Products, Services and Marketing” – buwag sa Operations. Ang committee pwede nga maka-hire ug consultant.

Kining Marketing, usa kini sa mga importante nga rekomendasyon sa Workshop niadtong 1995 (man siguro) didto sa Costabella Resort, Lapulapu City. Dili tiaw-tiaw kadto nga Workshop kay naa ang mga eksperto naka-apil – 2 ka PLDT managers, 2 sa DOTC, 2 sa NTC, 2 sa Deutsche Telekom (partner sa Islacom), 2 sa PAPTELCO (Mr Wilson ug James Morrell – tag-iya sa TMSI), GTZ (Mr Marx ug Mr Pomplun) ug CAMTECO Board of Directors. Ang dokumento sa Workshop naa ra siguro sa files sa CAMTECO.
Isa lang ka-ehemplo unsa ka importante ang Marketing. Pag-instalar sa fiber-optic cable sa entiro isla, maka-offer unta ang CAMTECO pag-network sa tanan LGU apil mga munisipyo sa Catarman, Sagay, Mahinog ug Guinsiliban niadto pa. Dili unta maka-sulod ang PLDT.

Ika-duha, naa na’y Internet ang CAMTECO office niadtong pang 1995! Ang unang serbisyo nga ma-offer unta nato – Email. Napulo pa ka-tuig ayha pa ni-abot ang broadband Internet. Ang Marketing unta ang namagligya sa mga subscribers (kasagaran ngadto sa mga foreigners).

Importante sad sa Marketing – unsaon pag-kabig ang mga customers sa Globe, Smart ug Sun. Mga ehemplo lang:

  1. Unli-text P5-10 kada semana!
  2. Unli-call guikan sa 12 midnight to 6 a.m.
  3. Pre-paid CAMTECO SIM – para maabot bisan sa mga habal-habal drivers
  4. Unsaon ma-reduce ang local calls guikan sa P1.00/min ngadto sa P0.10/min nga dili ma-apektahan ang kalidad sa serbisyo
  5. Ang local pulses mo-sugod ug patak human sa 3 minutos
  6. Bisan unsa pa nga mga promos

Himoon tanan sa bag-ong committee unsaon pag-kabig sa mga cellphone users ngadto sa CAMTECO portable phone/Internet services.

Kun dili mo ani, niay pay Option #3 – pa-abangan (LEASE) ang network (kay dili man ma-baligya). Ang mga towers, mga poste ug mga kable, na-plastar na. Sayon na kayo sa mo-abang pag-operate. Ang annual rental pwede maoy bahinon sa mga miyembro as “dividends”. Ang BOD naa guihapo’y gamay’ng honorarium kay dili na man sila mag-meeting pirme.

Pero ato sa’ng bantayan nga dili mabarato ang “rental”! Dili lang I-base sa “depreciation”. Kinahanglan naa’y mga financial experts sa telecom para ma-assess ang “working assets” sa CAMTECO. Basin unya’g mag-katawa lang ang mo-abang sa kabarato!
Mao kini nga rason nga kadtong nag-huna-huna pag-kuha si ilang P4,000 o P8,000 nga dili mag-dali-dali. Simpleng pangutana lang – sa atong P4,000/P8,000 maka-tukod ba kita ug telephone system?

Nigasto ang German gov’t ug sobra P50-M para sa mga initial 400 subscribers. Sama ra nga tig-P125,000 ang guihatag nga “asset” sa kada miyembro [o P129,000 apil sa atong fixed deposit]. Mao-gyod kini ang tinuoray nga balor sa pagka-miyembro sa CAMTECOP129,000. Mao siguro nga ang kadaghanan sa mga miyembro wala na magpa-kabana kay nag-tuo sila nga P4,000 ra ang balor.

Maayo unta’g na-abli nako inyong mga mata. Kun naa’y ipatawag nga special general assembly meeting, dili kita mag-dali dali pag-botasyon. Taga-i ug pipila ka semana nga ma-hisgot-hisgotan kini nga mga inpormasyon.

Ika-duha, SABTA UG MAAYO kining akong gui-saysay kaninyo kay DILI AKO mangugat pag-pasaka ug mga motion sa Gen Assembly.

Ika-tulo, dili nako makaya nga hatagan ug kopya ang gatusan ka mga miyembro. Kamo nga naka-dawat niini, inyo na kini’ng obligasyon kun nag-lantaw pa kamo sa pag-salbar sa CAMTECO.

Andam akong motubag sa mga pangutana. Mag-hatag ako sa akong contact number. Pero mas maayo unta ang pangutana sa usa’g usa (ug ang akong tubag) MABASA sa TANAN. So ako kini’ng i-post sa website: (kini nga website)

Isulat lang inyong mga pangutana sa papel. Sugo-a inyong anak, apo o bisan kinsang batan-on pag-comment sa website. Pwede sad i-text inyong mga pangutana.
Sa katapusan, ako naa’y mga kasaypanan sa nag-serbisyo pa ko sa CAMTECO. Unta ato kining mapadaplin para ma-salbar nato atong kooperatiba.

Kini sad wala’y bulok politika o pagpaka-uwaw. Nahisulat man nga ang tanan nga namunuan pagatahoron kay ang ilang gahom hinatag gikan sa kahitas-an. Sama ra kang Ponsio Pilato – ang Ginoong Hesukristo naga-ingon kaniya “wala kay gahom batok kanako kun wala kini gihatag sa kahitas-an” [Juan 19:11]

Dinhi na lang ko kutob. Lamdagan unta sa kahitas-an ang atong mga pang-huna-huna.


(Sgd.) Genciano “Nandy” Dagondon (387-0900)
Cebu: (032)340-1807
Cellphone: 0920-637-3450 (Smart); 0927-286-1817 (Globe/TM)

– – – – – – – –
Kun gusto mo’g hard-copy:  Download printable PDF file – 4 long-size paper

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